What did your Mom say?

Recently a great friend of mine was in New York City and he snapped a picture of the train station for me. That’s because I told him of my desire to go there, stand in the midst of the crowd, and say into my videocamera, “What do you think this is, Grand Central Station?”  This was one of my Mom’s nuttier sayings, often yelled when we were slamming in and out the door or bringing tonnes of people over – some of which she would have labelled “DPs” (which I understand now means displaced persons). My friend sent pictures. It looks just like Toronto’s train station. And, by the way, its called “Grand Central Terminal”.

My Mom is a child of her generation – the war, the Depression, the 50s and 60s, and she has the sayings and prejudices to prove it. But I think all Moms say things that don’t make sense. It’s like we’re trying to communicate great wisdom in words that kids might understand.

What else would she say?

 – Close the door, are you trying to heat the outside?

– Were you born in a barn?

– Dutch the tub

– You’ve got another think coming

– Let the dog out for a run

– Don’t smoke on the street

– Don’t be so brass

– You can’t learn everything in a book

– You’re too big for your britches

– Don’t fall you’ll break your neck

– Don’t sit on concrete steps in jeans – you’ll get a kidney infection.

I’m sure there were lots more, but I’ve worked hard to forget them and get rid of the inner critic.

What did your Mom tell you?




3 thoughts on “What did your Mom say?

  1. My mom often said, “You can always tell a person who never had anything” and “Never call anyone before nine in the morning.”

  2. Here’s a couple more I remember from your house:
    -run the washer through
    -back of the car and wind up the brakes

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