Why would anybody hire me?

By Jill Malleck

I just attended a great workshop on branding and marketing. The speaker said his company believes you should be able to describe your “essence”  –  your offering – not in a 1 min. elevator speech but in 7 succinct words.

They spend a lot of time doing research and working with clients to “boil it down” to the essence. This is a concept I had heard before, a little differently. I read about two women who were helping individuals with their Personal Brands.

What a challenge! Of course, I had to try.

What is it that I offer that other HR consultants and Coaches do not?

What do my current clients love about me?

And most of all, what is so much a part of my DNA that, no matter what career I had gone into, it would rise to the top and shine through….

Here it is:

Smart, creative solutions that make change stick.

That feels right to me. It captures my love of learning, my intellectual curiousity and love of research. It captures my passion for creating new ideas and morphing old ones, for brainstorming and for McGyvering to find what works. It captures my highest desire for lasting impact, for assisting in sustainable change – for people I coach and for teams and organizations.

Yep, that’s it.

One thought on “Why would anybody hire me?

  1. Seven words? What a great challenge. I am inspired to try to do the same. I really like what you came up with – it clearly works and captures your “essence.”

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