Work From Home Distracted? Two tips for focus

Working from home is not easy. This sudden forced WFH has created havoc for many of us. The distractions are so real. External distractions (children, pets, roommates, laundry and other chores, homeschooling) and Internal Distractions (rolling waves of anxiety and uncertainty, worry about money and family members).  I hope you have found some strategies that work for you, and that you continue to be compassionate about not being perfect or having things go perfectly.

Here are two things I have done.

  1. I turn off Self View on Zoom. Seeing myself the whole time is very distracting and adds a layer of worry about how I am being perceived. In “real life” I don’t carry a mirror around. If you are tired of showing off your personal space to others ask to turn off the camera or use a fake background.
  2. I use a Focus Cheat Sheet. I spend a few minutes to think about these questions, jot some notes and have this near me during the meeting.
    • The key information I want to share is….
    • The information I’d like to gain is….
    • My intention for this meeting is….
    • The questions I want to ask for clarity are….
    • The questions I will ask to engage others are….
    • By the end of the meeting I want to make sure we have…

P.S. My SOE program tells me this post is too short! Nope – go shorter.

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